See you in Summer 2015

25 May

My new base of operations

Cabbage Subs


We are a group of returning fansub veterans planning to commence subbing in Summer 2015. Until then, enjoy the lolis, and we would appreciate your support!

Credits for pics to Koto_Kao, a great Pixiv artist.

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Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 22

8 Apr
The Stardust-Tonde team, after every episode...

The Stardust-Tonde team, after every episode…

Thanks for watching, and sorry for the wait!

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Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 21

5 Apr
Finally past ep20...

Finally past ep20…

Thanks for watching everyone, and sorry for the wait! We’ll get faster… eventually…

Batching 1-22 with next episode.

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Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 19 + 20

3 Apr


Mirumo 19 workraw_001_18380

Delays, delays, delays…

Mirumo 19 and 20 out, thanks for watching! We’ll have 21 and 22 out soon, and most likely do a batch.

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Ep 19

Ep 20

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Tamako Market – 12

31 Mar
Yep, he really blends in alright.

Yep, he really blends in alright.

And that’s Tamako 12!

Thanks for watching! It has been an interesting run, glad we pulled it off, but at the same time sad it’s over. Here’s hoping for OVAs!

We hope to have your support for the next season as well!

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Yuru Yuri ♪♪ – 12 – Long overdue.

27 Mar
Till we meet again...

Till we meet again…

A long overdue Yuru Yuri ♪♪ ep12.

Translator quit, the Yuru Yuri team pretty much fell apart, but hey better late than never.

Our other projects (specifically: Mirumo de Pon) remain unaffected since we have an independent team for that. Things are moving there, the holdup is with encoding. Nothing is dropped.

Also, from now on, all Tondemonai projects will be encoded in Hi10p (this release included).

Thanks for watching!

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Alienware M17xR2 Overclocking

25 Mar
Konata approves

Konata approves

Was pretty good when new, but now, pretty obsolete imo. Bought in early 2011, so tried getting those old 2010ish parts up to speed in preparation for FFXIV.
CPU theoratical single core turbo 24*151=3624Mhz
Quad core turbo = 15*151=2265Mhz
8GB RAM @ 151*(10/2)=755Mhz (1510Ghz combined)

Ram is still a bit low, but beats the stock 665*2=1330Mhz.

Non turbo speed is now 2114Mhz, up from stock 1862Mhz. That’s an increase of over 13.5%., not too bad for a laptop.

A much needed boost to my generic crappy RAM too. Just wish I got that 940XM when I had the chance. Now, stuck with a non extreme CPU for the foreseeable future.
Also a pity I had to tone down the GPU overclocks a bit to avoid occasional hangs. Lagging in raid is better than crashing in raid.
2x Crossfire HD5870m @ 820core:1165memory (stock 700:1000)

Managed to pull off 920:1250 once but unstable, so had to knock it down a tad. Think my second card isn’t performing as well as it should, but still runs fine at stock so can’t claim anything.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn actually requested an i7 2.66Ghz or higher for ‘recommended’ requirements… but this is as high as my CPU can handle without crashing… Everything else exceeds recommended requirements, so I guess it’s not too bad. Turbo speeds are pretty close, so it should work fine, seeing minimum requirements was a dual core.